House Of Snakes is husband and wife team Bob Atkinson and Nikki Alexander. 

Both artists worked for many years in New York City with influential designers, Bob as design assistant to Melissa Joy Manning and Nikki as design assistant to Jane Diaz. During that time they did custom work for friends and family and eventually House Of Snakes was born as their own brand. 

Bob and Nikki are both self taught jewelers and have a unique yet refined approach to their materials. Their line focuses on carefully crafted jewelry formed by hand, creating both delicate and statement pieces. They design pieces together and individually for their line and carefully select materials they use with sustainability in mind. House Of Snakes also includes Nikki and Bob’s other art works from embroidery to painting and sculpture.


Nikki Alexander (b. 1982 Fort Collins, CO

University of Washington, Seattle BFA Painting (2005)
UniversIty of Washington, Seattle BA Art History (2005)
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (current grad student)

Born in Fort Collins, CO and raised in Seattle, WA. Moved to NYC after graduating from the University of Washington.  After 10 years  in NYC, Bob and I moved to Austin,TX and just recently moved back to Fort Collins. 


2020: The Pleasure of Making, ICOSA Collective, Austin, TX
2019: Due East, group exhibition, Big Medium, Austin, TX
2018: Due East, group exhibition, Big Medium, Austin, TX
2017: Our Daily Armor, group exhibition, Seattle, WA
2017: Due East, group exhibition,  Big Medium,  Austin, TX
2017: East Austin Studio Tours, Austin, TX
2013: ‘Ravel’, group embroidery exhibition, Heliopolis Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2005: ‘Plush You!’, group exhibition, Schmancy, Seattle WA
2005: graduate show, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle WA
2004: solo exhibition, Solstice Cafe, Seattle WA
2004: solo exhibition, Allegro Cafe, Seattle WA
2003: solo exhibition, Allegro Cafe, Seattle WA
2000: student group show, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle WA
1999: solo exhibition, Sunlight Cafe, Seattle WA

Bob Atkinson (b.1980 West Chester, PA)

Pratt Art Institute, BFA Illustration, Brooklyn NY (2004)

Born and raised in West Chester, PA. Went to Brooklyn for school and stayed for 15 years.  Moved to Austin TX and now Fort Collins, CO.